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Use Cases

Here's how you can use Blackhawk's expertise and purpose built IoT platform in your industry.


In the complex network of ground support (GSE) and airport personnel you get a purpose built IoT solution for maximising operational efficiency.


Keep your assets secure from high-risk borrowers


Access cloud-based, real time data on a unique, drag and drop platform to automate fleet tracking processes.


Tracking status and location of your businesses most valuable, precious, important or mission critical assets.


Connected facilities management provides proof of service delivery, reduces costs and increases staff safety.


Sensors connecting everything that needs to be managed or monitored.

Aviation GSE

Managing your GSE assets from the gate to the tarmac

With the increasing volumes of data from multiple sources including logistics companies, baggage handlers, maintenance and catering, coupled with the need to know what state your assets are in at any point in time, airline companies need a robust solution to provide visibility for effective decision making. 

With Blackhawks expert consultants and leading edge IoT platform you'll get comprehensive business services for aviation ground support and personnel management.  You'll have clear visibility of equipment usage, access control and location-based services. These insights are deeply critical to security, safety, cost reduction and on time performance at all airports.

The benefits for you

  • Accurate asset utilisation
  • Enhance safety and security
  • Increase efficiency of your maintenance programs
  • Reduction in operating costs

Find out how Blackhawk brings visibility and control across GSE fleets.


Providing lenders with the ultimate asset tool to assist in the management of their loan portfolios.

By integrating with your Financial Management system, Blackhawk allows you to automate your collection processes and change payment behaviours. You can achieve increased visibility over your secured assets, improved cashflow through earlier repayments and lower default and collection related costs.

Blackhawk allows you to mitigate existing risk profiles and widen your lending criteria.




Fleet Tracking

Helping you make better decisions with a cloud based Workflow Engine

The Blackhawk platform has been designed to be as simple to use and operate as possible for fleet managers or business owners alike, with drag and drop functionality, and a unique Workflow Engine to automate a wide range of user-defined business processes and alerts.

The heart of our purpose built solution is all about empowering customers with access to quality, real time and aggregated data that helps to gain an unprecedented level of insight into fleet performance and driver behaviour.

With Blackhawks Workflow Engine you can identify potential problems much sooner and mitigate risks before they become larger issues that can jeopardise client satisfaction, impact driver safety or increase costs.

The benefits for you

      • Confirm service route adherence
      • Optimised servicing schedules
      • Improving staff safety
      • Productivity improvement

Get in touch to find out more about a number of different add-ons, to suit your market and customer requirements.

Asset Tracking

Ensuring visibility and control your assets

New network technologies now allow low cost asset tracking in a way that has never been possible before. 

Create transparency by digitising and connecting your assets and start making data enabled decisions across the business.

  •  Build new business processes to manage your assets.  
  • Improve asset utilisation, remove unused assets or purchase more with confidence.
  • Keep assets moving and in circulation. 
  • Create workflows based on how you want your assets managed
  • Exception based information can be pushed to the right staff that can effect change.

 Blackhawk has successfully deployed mixed asset management solutions for large enterprises across Aviation, Logistics, Hire and Rental, Civil Construction, and Agriculture.

Open Space

Improving management of open and public spaces

Improving facilities and open space management

 Servicing a high number of sites with a remote workforce is a tough task.   By providing a connection to your assets and people you now have much better operational transparency.   Know what sites have been missed, how long each task is taking, where staff and assets are and you can provide proof of service delivery for contract compliance.

Gather the information you need to make better decisions for current project costs, future tenders, route planning, mobilisation of staff, asset utilisation and site by site, operator by operator benchmarking.


Gather information from different parts of your business to enable on the spot decision making.  

With new network technologies, it’s now possible to cost effectively connect up an ecosystem of sensors.   

Blackhawk has the ability to accommodate almost any sensor and generate workflows based off defined exception triggers.  

 Sensor exceptions can then be used to trigger notifications to staff, start another process, create a task or flag a fault.

Track, measure and manage the state of your assets, including:

Location, Temperature, Proximity, Water Quality, Humidity, Weight, Movement, Pressure, Chemicals, Gas, Smoke, Motion,  Accelerometer, Optical, Gyroscope, Infrared, Level, Biometrics and many more.


Read more about tracking, measuring and managing the state of your assets with the Blackhawk IoT Platform.

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