Visualise and manage your IoT with the Blackhawk SaaS Platform

Blackhawk is a device and network agnostic, horizontal, business services platform which will give your business leading edge asset management capabilities. 


Acquire, Analyse, Act

Blackhawk aggregates data from devices,   OEM connected assets and disparate IoT solutions and data sources.

Custom dashboards and reports provide meaningful insights on asset state and utilisation.

Use the same dashboards to take one touch action or simply configure workflows to ensure the action or notification occurs automatically.



Technology Stack

The IoT technology stack, consists of four layers: devices and sensors, network connectivity, device management platforms and service platforms.

Blackhawk is the top layer application that business users actually interact with. Blackhawk integrates to the network and device layers to capture the data that comes from them and to send management commands back down, to help control the assets.

Blackhawk is device and network agnostic allowing our customers the flexibility to build the solutions that best fits their needs, not ours.

Network and device agnostic
Integrate any sensor over any network
White-label model
Tailor with your own brand and custom features
Blackhawk Workflow
Workflow engine
Notifies or takes autonomous action when something exceptional happens

How does the platform drive actions?

Our workflow engine achieves outcomes based on the location or state of your assets and configurable triggers

Pre-emptive action

Define what actions to take before an event happens so that Blackhawk  workflow can act when they do.

Workflows will either send a notification to a system or user when a parameter is breached or it will take action directly.

Simple to use drag and drop workflows
Easy, Fast, Effective

Display real-time

See what's happening now and a summary of the important things that have happened recently. 
Real-time dashboards and widgets visually display the core data you need to see, in the way that you want to see it. 

Features checklist for your IoT project.

Asset Tracking and Remote Monitoring

Global tracking and positioning services track the location of your assets while sensors report the state of the real world around them either once daily or up to real-time.


Trigger a response when an asset enters or leaves an area, or does not enter an area within a certain time.                                                       Measure the performance of an asset within a geofence.


Dashboards visually display real-time information for users to see data outliers and observe patterns or trends, by asset or asset group.   Customisable widgets can also act as buttons to start or stop an action.


Historical data can be reported on up to the time of implementation. Reports are either standardised, configured, manually run or batched.

Inspection app

Mobile app can be used to capture survey data about an asset prior to operation or to report an issue. Form answers and photos of the situation are stored in the platform for future review and reporting.


Schedule each service based on, hours used or Kilometres travelled, as well as calendar. Know where your asset is when it is time for service.