Visibility and control of GSE Fleets

We provide an integrated IoT hardware and software solution that enables you to better manage your complex GSE fleets for faster turnarounds and lower costs.

Welcome to Blackhawk

Your business depends on high-performing assets. But you can’t improve what you can’t see, and you can’t manage what you can’t measure. Our goal is to support airlines and ground handlers do more with less!

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We had a great time exhibiting at the 6th Americas GHI Conference - If you were unable to drop by our booth and would like to learn more about Blackhawk’s SaaS solution, you can book a time with me here for more information and a product demo.

We welcome the opportunity to talk about some of the challenges you are facing and how Blackhawk's SaaS platform could help you simplify and streamline visibility and control of your assets. Get in touch!

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Empower your ground handlers to work smarter

Airlines are considering different strategies to handle their staffing shortages and implement the right tools to empower their existing GSE staff to better manage equipment regardless of air traffic demands.

Blackhawk Aviation offers both staff, team leaders and management a comprehensive overview of GSE assets allowing everyone to work efficiently.

Download our white paper to learn how aviation IoT can help manage the industry's skilled worker shortage.

GSE optimization challenges we will help you solve

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Asset Management
Understand the exact amount of GSE you need
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Service Optimization
Service your fleet based on usage
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Real Time Location
Locate all of your GSE assets in real time
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Cost Efficiencies
Save on fuel, labor and CAPEX costs

Creating an IoT enabled GSE fleet produces multiple benefits

Reduce GSE costs

Major drive by airlines, airports and ground handlers to reduce GSE operating costs

Non-motorized visibility

70% of GSE are non-motorized - get control by leveraging LPWAN to extend visibility of non-motorized GSE

Increased control

Control your motorized and non-motorized GSE from SaaS specifically configured for GSE operations

Optimize Processes

Automated business process, deliver real-time data to staff optimize aircraft turn-around time

Minimize carbon use

Reduce carbon footprint of motorized GSE and APU burn


Do more with less. Staff "search hours" can be reduced by more than 10%, reducing labour costs, improving OTP and reducing delays

Learn more about how Blackhawk can bring visibility and control to your GSE fleet.