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Blackhawk for Fleet Tracking

Improve your fleet efficiency and keep your staff safe.

Helping you make better decisions.

The Blackhawk platform has been designed to be as simple to use and operate as possible for fleet managers or business owners alike, with drag and drop functionality, and a unique Workflow Engine to automate a wide range of user-defined business processes and alerts.

The heart of our purpose-built solution is all about empowering customers with access to quality, real time and aggregated data that helps to gain an unprecedented level of insight into fleet performance and driver behaviour.

With Blackhawk's Workflow Engine you can identify potential problems much sooner and mitigate risks before they become larger issues that can jeopardise client satisfaction, impact driver safety or increase costs.

We offer a number of different add-ons, to suit your market and customer requirements.
  • Increase profitability  
  • Drive production with better data  
  • Protect staff by improving safety 
  • Productivity improvement