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Blackhawk for Aviation GSE

Visibility and control of GSE Fleets for faster turnarounds and lower costs.

Blackhawk for Aviation

Managing your GSE assets from the gate to the tarmac

With the increasing volumes of data from multiple sources including logistics companies, baggage handlers, maintenance and catering, coupled with the need to know what state your assets are in at any point in time, airline companies need a robust solution to provide visibility for effective decision making. 

Our expert consultants and leading-edge IoT platform give you comprehensive business services for aviation ground support and personnel management.  You'll have clear visibility of equipment usage, access control and location-based services. These insights are deeply critical to security, safety, cost reduction and on time performance at all airports.

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  • Accurate asset utilisation

  • Enhanced Safety and Security

  • Increased efficiency of maintenance programs

  • Reduction in operating costs

Learn more about how Blackhawk can bring visibility and control to your GSE fleet.