Smart asset management

through IoT

SaaS platform for visualisation and control of your assets


Welcome to Blackhawk

Your business depends on high-performing assets. But you can’t improve what you can’t see, and you can’t manage what you can’t measure.

Let our expert team help you simplify and streamline visibility and control of your assets.


IoT Business Services Platform

The Blackhawk SaaS platform is the technology that sits on top of your IoT solution and delivers all the value. It is the single pane of glass you look through to see your assets, set workflows, gain insights and take control.


Overcome your asset challenges with an IoT platform that gives you visibility and control

Base your decisions on data

Make informed decisions, not guesses. By digitising your business landscape, you will gain access to data about your assets that you have never had before and empower the right choices.

Digitise your infrastructure

Blackhawk will help you integrate your IT,  OT and IoT.

Almost everything in business is measured, reported on and optimised. Now it is possible for your assets to form part of the operational improvements you make.

Increase productivity

Precious time is wasted and processes are often interrupted when assets are not available.           

Have the right assets in the right place and increase operational productivity.

Optimise your assets

Over-allocation of assets poses significant, unnecessary operational expenses. Now you can buy fewer assets or repurpose or sell unused ones.

When you buy something, it will be because your business actually needs it.

Manage your business your way with Blackhawk


IoT Platform

A leading edge IoT SaaS solution, that provides the business services layer for your IoT ecosystem of mixed assets, devices and networks. 

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Use Cases

Blackhawk tailors asset management solutions through IoT for multiple industries around the globe, including aviation, finance, fleet, construction, logistics and more. 

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Partner with Blackhawk

Join our rapidly expanding network of high calibre Partners that are white labelling our feature rich, horizontal, SaaS platform.

If you have a quality device, network or integration offering and want to partner to bring value to our mutual customers, then talk to us now.

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